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Congratulations, Class of 2021!
My son is among them! Where did the years go?

Input text: 
a graduate is -35 feet above a stadium.
Other object credits:
Scene credits:
graduate (Vignette)
KAWE (5/23/2021) 
after long time of distance learning?
Nanook (5/23/2021) 
Congrats to your son and to you as well.
nheiges (5/23/2021) 
@KAWE - they had a full year of virtual learning, but went back in person for the final month. @Nanook, thank you!
hedgehog1965 (5/24/2021) 
Well done!
nheiges (5/24/2021) 
mohapn15 (5/25/2021) 
Impressive work - on the grad and the scene!
nheiges (5/25/2021) 
Thank you!
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