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Opposite Poles Attract

Input text: 
2d ground is shiny 100 feet wide snow. [Black] sky. A pole. A red light is above and 6 feet behind the pole. A blue light is above and 7 feet right of the pole. Camera light is black. Sun is black. A green light is above and 4 feet behind and 4 feet right of the pole. A pole is -25 feet above the pole. It is facing west. A 17 feet high man is 4 feet right of the pole. He is facing north. He is leaning 25 degrees to the back. A 17 feet high woman is 4 feet behind the pole. She is facing east. She is leaning 45 degrees to the back
Saturation, Contrast, Contrast, Color-emboss
nheiges (2021) 
Nanook (2021) 
hedgehog1965 (2021) 
Bit experimental this one :-)
mohapn15 (2021) 
Stunning composition!
hedgehog1965 (2021) 
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