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Florida Fam

Input text: 
The [scene] backdrop. it is noon. sun is linen. a 1st woman. a 1st man is left of her. a 2nd woman is -.2 feet right of and behind the 1st woman. a 2nd man is -1 foot right of the woman. a 1st child is -2 feet left of and 1 foot in front of the man. a 2nd 4 foot tall child is right of the child. a 1st dog is right of the child. the dog faces left. a 2nd dog is in front of the 1st man. an alligator is 10 feet behind and 5 foot left of the first man. it faces right. a [stone] pond is 3 feet in front of the 1st child. a 24 foot wide 50% dark pond is on the pond. camera light is black. a linen light is 10 feet right of and 5 feet above the child. sun is peach puff. a cat is 2 feet right of and 2 feet in front of the 1st dog. shadow plane is visible.
💰house cat
Other object credits:
KAWE (5/29/2021) 
a nice family :-)
Nanook (5/29/2021) 
are they kin to you?
Nanook (5/29/2021) 
Never mind I know the answer now after seeing your earlier scene.
nheiges (5/29/2021) 
my cousin, his wife, their dog, their cat, their daughter, her husband, their children, their dog - the real house is a little bigger than the one pictured :-)
Nanook (5/29/2021) 
Wonderful :-)
hedgehog1965 (5/29/2021) 
Hope you’re having a great getaway
nheiges (5/29/2021) 
Thanks, we are!
Nanook (5/29/2021) 
such a blessing :-)
mohapn15 (5/31/2021) 
Love it!
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