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The Lost Friend
Along their journey, a flying ship swooped in and captured the elephant in a bubble. As the ship flew away, the clown vowed revenge.

Input text: 
The tiny clown is standing on the gigantic green ball. A tiny pink elephant is nine feet above and ten feet behind the clown. the elephant is facing to the right. the elephant is fifteen feet to the left. A ship is three feet to the left of the elephant. The ship is three feet above the elephant. A big clear bubble is to the right of the elephant. The bubble is four feet above and seven feet behind the clown. The clown is facing the elephant.
KAWE (6/3/2021) 
mohapn15 (6/4/2021) 
Very cool composition! I want to see what comes next
Nanook (6/7/2021) 
captivating story line :-)
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