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Up on the Tight Rope

Input text: 
a power line faces right. backdrop is sky. it is noon. a bird is -1.5 foot above the power line. it faces right. shadow plane is invisible. a baby blue light is 10 feet in front of the bird. a 1st 10 foot tall giraffe faces right. it is -9 feet above and -3 feet left of and behind the power line. a 2nd 10 foot tall giraffe faces left. it is -2 foot in front of and -8 feet right of the giraffe. sun is linen.
hedgehog1965 (6/10/2021) 

Here it is after coming down from the rope :-)
nheiges (6/10/2021) 
Nanook (6/10/2021) 
great scene and response
nheiges (6/10/2021) 
Thanks! I remember your lovely scene for this song.
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