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Fly-ing the Flag For Spiders

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A lemon light is -30 feet above a 40% shiny building. Camera light is black. A large web is above the light. It leans 90 degrees to the back. A large web is -4 inch above the web. It leans 70 degrees to the back. It is facing southeast. A large 15% shiny fly is -20 feet above the building. It leans back. A cyan light is right of the fly. A 10% shiny 50% crimson hand is 1 inch in front of and -10 inch above the fly. It leans 20 degrees to the left. A navy light is right of the light. A dim yellow light is left of the hand. A 6 inch high spider flag is -1 inch in front of and -5 inch above and -5.65 inch left of the hand. It leans front. A 10% shiny large spider is 3 inch behind and 5 inch above the fly. It is leaning 10 degrees to the front. A 1 foot high and 0.1 inch wide and 0.1 inch deep black cylinder is -0.2 inch above the spider.
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KAWE (2021) 
Nanook (2021) 
Fly-ing The Mosquito Flag Complete With Fly-Swatter
We're awash in these critters after the rains came.

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