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Fly-ing The Mosquito Flag Complete With Fly-Swatter
We're awash in these critters after the rains came.

Input text: 
a flag leans right. it is 6 feet above the ground. the body of the flag is [mosquito]. a 3 feet tall matte hand is -8.7 feet above and -.8 feet in front of and -3.1 feet left of the flag. it faces northwest. it leans to the right. a .67 feet tall mosquito is -2.6 feet above and -.6 feet in front of and -1.7 feet left of the hand. it faces the hand. it leans 78 degrees to the back. the wing of the mosquito is [texture]. a .7 feet tall fly is 2 feet right of and 1.3 feet above the hand. it faces left. it leans 70 degrees to the left. the wing of the fly is [texture]. a 3 feet tall flyswatter is -2.6 feet above and -.2 feet left of the fly. it leans 115 degrees to the right. ground is shiny. ground is visible.
Cracked paint, Contrast
Other object credits:
zamchick (2021) 
It’s a no win situation :-O
Nanook (2021) 
True that!
nheiges (2021) 

I have trouble looking at the image of the mosquito on the hand - it makes me want to slap myself! Otherwise, great rejoinder to the original scene. Here is a random nonsense reply :-)
hedgehog1965 (2021) 
What you need is more spiders :-)
Nanook (2021) 
@hedgehog, I actually have a good supply of spiders and scorpions too :-(
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