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1st kudu is on the ground. 2nd kudu is 2 foot behind him. A kudu is 10 foot east of 2nd kudu. He faces east. A kudu is 0 foot west of 2nd kudu. He faces east. 4th kudu is 1 foot in front of 1st kudu and -1 feet east of him. He faces west. A cheetah is 21 feet north of him and -12.5 foot west of him. He leans 30 degrees to the back. He faces southwest. [Africa] backdrop. Sun's altitude is 20 degrees. Camera light is black. Ambient light is yellow. Sun is yellow.
Scene credits:
KAWE (7/14/2021) 
great colors
zamchick (7/14/2021) 
Boy will you have a field day when we give you a running leopard model :-)
nheiges (7/14/2021) 
Yes, great colors!
Nanook (7/15/2021) 
sunset on the Serengeti, great scene and I totally agree with @zamchick :-DD
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