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A Place To Think

Input text: 
Cave backdrop. A penguin is on a large log. It is facing southeast. Camera light is black. A light is left of and above and in front of the penguin. A 20% shiny boat is 2 feet right of and in front of the log. It is facing southwest. A navy light is right of the boat. Sun is pink. A fish is 3.5 feet above and -4 feet right of the boat. It is leaning back. It is facing southwest. A woman is -1.7 foot above the boat. She is leaning 10 degrees to the back. She is facing southwest. Altitude of the sun is 60 degrees.
Saturation, Illustration
nheiges (7/24/2021) 
this is really nice to look at :-)
Nanook (7/24/2021) 
I need a place to think and I like this one :-)
mohapn15 (7/26/2021) 
Love it! Such a good composition
hedgehog1965 (7/30/2021) 
Thanks all!
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