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Jacob's Ladder

Input text: 
a metal ladder faces northeast. it leans to the left. 1st tiny angel is -6.3 feet right of and -3 feet above the ladder. she faces the ladder. 2nd 2 feet tall angel is 2 feet below the 1st angel. 3rd 2.7 feet tall angel is 1 feet below and -.8 feet right of and 1 feet in front of the 2nd angel. she faces the ladder. she faces northwest. she leans 12 degrees to the front. 4th 2.5 feet tall angel is -1 feet left of and -1 feet above the 3rd angel. she faces right. 5th 3 feet tall angel is 1.5 feet below and .3 feet in front of and -2.5 feet left of the 4th angel. she faces the ladder. she leans to the front. 6th 1.7 feet tall angel is below and right of the 1st angel. she faces left. 7th 4 feet tall angel is -6.3 feet above and -1.5 feet left of the 5th angel. she faces the ladder. she leans 72 degrees to the front. a 4.6 feet tall man is 3 feet left of and -3 feet behind and -6.7 feet above the 7th angel. he faces northeast. he leans 64 degrees to the northeast. camera light is dim. a sky blue light is 2 feet left of and above the man. a autumn gold light is 3 feet above and in front of the 1st angel.
Sharpen, Cracked paint, Contrast, Sharpen
Scene credits:
man (Vignette)
Nanook (7/25/2021) 
@nheiges I realize you did a version of the same scene , I hope you forgive me for doing another one :-)
nheiges (7/25/2021) 
This is beautiful! I had to search to find my old one because I couldn't remember it, haha.
Nanook (7/25/2021) 
Thank you, I started on this and then it dawned on me I was pretty sure you had done the same one.
nheiges (7/25/2021) 
It's fun to see how we think of the same thing and interpret it differently!
Nanook (7/25/2021) 
So true and there have been a lot of new tools added which allows different interpretations too. :-)
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