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Low noon

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a 1st 100 inch tall cowboy is facing up.ground is visible and shiny.the cowboy is -10 inch above the ground..a 40 inch tall fried egg is -75 inch above the 1st cowboy.the fried egg is upside down.the egg white of the fried egg is super red.a 500 inch tall and 1000 inch wide flat shiny saloon is -900 inch right of the fried egg.the saloon is facing east.a 2nd 200 inch tall cowboy is 800 inch right of the saloon.the 2nd cowboy is on the ground.a 3rd 200 inch tall cowboy is 200 inch in front of the 2nd cowboy.the 3rd cowboy is facing the 2nd cowboy.
Cracked paint, Saturation
nheiges (8/7/2021) 
nheiges (8/7/2021) 

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