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No Vax, No Masks, No Mandates

Input text: 
1st 25 feet long and 30 feet tall and 1 inch deep wall faces left. a bed is right of the wall. it faces right. a woman is 3 feet left of the wall. she is on a 8 feet long sidewalk. it faces left. the woman faces the front. 2nd 17 feet tall wall is -2 feet behind and -7.1 feet right of the bed. it is .7 feet in the ground. a girl is -2.1 feet above the bed. she faces right. she leans 85 degrees to the back. a powder blue gas mask is -1.1 feet left of and -1 feet above the girl it faces left. it leans 90 degrees to the front. a doctor is 1 feet behind and -5 feet left of the bed. a monitor is left of the doctor. a sign is -.4 feet above and -.3 feet in front of the woman. a 1 feet tall ladybug is 1.5 feet in front of the woman. it faces northeast. a .4 feet tall mask is -1.04 feet right of and -1.37 feet behind and -1 feet above the ladybug. it faces right. it leans to the back. a large hedge is behind the woman. a powder blue light is above and right of the doctor
Nanook (8/14/2021) 
@ladybug and I had a lengthy discussion about this night before last..
nheiges (8/14/2021) 
Wow. I'm so glad our schools are requiring masks. They weren't going to until some parents demanded a mask mandate. But in the next county over, it's more like what you depicted. :-( Great scenes, btw!
Ladybug (8/14/2021) 
Love how our talk came to life! Nice work on the scene!
Nanook (8/14/2021) 
Thanks, and @nheiges you must have seen in the news how some counties in Texas are defying the Gov's. orders and instituting mask mandates anyway.
KAWE (8/15/2021) 
really a bad situation
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