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Mount Niesen by Paul Klee

Input text: 
1st cube is spruce green. 2nd cube is right of the 1st cube. 2nd cube is lime. 3rd cube is right of the 2nd cube . 3rd cube is super red. 4th cube is right of the 3rd cube . 4th cube is salmon. 5th cube is right of 4th cube. 5th cube is pink plum. 6th cube is right of the 5th cube . 6th cube is raspberry rose. 7th cube is right of the 6th cube . 7th cube is spruce green. 8th cube is above the 2nd cube. 8th cube is black. 9th cube is above the 3rd cube. 9th cube is chartreuse. 10th cube is above the 7th cube. 10th cube is [orange dot] . 11th cube is above the 6th cube. 11th cube is [pink dot]. 12th cube is above the 10th cube. 12th cube is gray. 13th cube is above the 12th cube. 13th cube is gray. 14th cube is above the 11th cube. 14th cube is pink. 15th cube is above the 1st cube. 15th cube is pansy lavender. 16th cube is above the 15th cube. . 15th cube is orange. 16th cube is above the 15th cube. 16th cube is pansy lavender. 17th cube is above the 16th cube. 17th cube is orange . 18th cube is above the 17th cube. 18th cube is orange. 19th cube is above the 8th cube. 19th cube is insect green. 20th cube is above the 13th cube. 20th cube is gray. 1st sphere is in front of the pyramid. 1st sphere is -1 feet above the ground. 2nd sphere is 20 feet left of the 1st sphere. 3rd sphere is 20 feet in front of the 2nd sphere. The pyramid is 10 feet tall . the pyramid is 8 feet behind the 4th cube. the pyramid is blue. the pyramid is facing the 3rd sphere. moon symbol is left of the 1st sphere. the moon symbol is 6.5 feet above the ground. the moon symbol is black. small star of david is left of the moon symbol. the star of david is black.
nheiges (8/25/2021) 
That's great!
zamchick (8/27/2021) 
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