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Child mother
Have baby does not mean that who can become a mother.

Input text: 
woman on the big rug. the rug on the ground. ground is floor. the big rug's top is chili red. doll house is 23 inches left of the woman. the doll house is facing to the woman. bunny is in front of the doll house. the bunny is 13 inches tall. the bunny is facing to the east. book is 20 inches right of the bunny. couch is 20 inches behind the woman. bookcase is behind the doll house. the bookcase is facing to the east. toy rings is right of the woman. small candies are in front of the woman. teddy bear is 30 inches in front of the toy rings. the teddy bear is facing to the southwest. baby is left of the teddy bear. the baby is 15 inches tall. the baby is facing to the southeast. the baby tilted 90 degrees to the north. the baby is -1 inch above the rug. tiny sphere is -2.5 inch behind the teddy bear. rattle toy is 11.5 inches left of the sphere.
💰teddy bear
💰rattle toy
KAWE (8/28/2021) 
Both Mother and Father are "interesting" parents
nheiges (8/28/2021) 
rei (8/29/2021) 
I created this scene while referencing video below.
nheiges (8/29/2021) 

Thanks for sharing the link. I found this image in the video really striking.
rei (8/29/2021) 
Thank you for your comment & scene!!!
linda (9/1/2021) 
nice scene!
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