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Temple's Bliss
I showed the movie Temple Grandin to my class today

Input text: 
ground is spring green [grass]. a dark girl leans 90 degrees to the back. she is .3 feet in the ground. 1st cow is .5 feet right of and -1 feet in front of the girl. the cow faces the girl. 2nd cow is behind the cow. it faces the girl. 3rd cow is -2 feet behind and -3 feet right of the 1st cow. it faces the girl. 4th cow is behind the girl. it faces the girl. 5th cow is left of and -2 feet behind the girl. it faces the girl. 6th cow is in front of the cow. it faces the girl. it is night. camera light is black. ten peach puff lights are 20 feet above and 20 feet left of the girl.
zamchick (9/23/2021) 
that's awesome!
nheiges (9/24/2021) 
hedgehog1965 (9/24/2021) 
Haven't seen the film but I read her book The Autistic Brain, which was very illuminating!
nheiges (9/24/2021) 
I first encountered her in Oliver Sack's An Anthopologist on Mars - the title was from the chapter on Temple Grandin. I would like to read her book as well!
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