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Off to see our son at college
We visited on the weekend!

Input text: 
The [scene] backdrop. it is noon.
Canvas texture
Other object credits:
Nanook (10/3/2021) 
did you travel by train, that sounds like a fun get away. How is his first year going?
nheiges (10/4/2021) 
We did, at least part of the way. We drove about an hour to get to a station, but it was a game day, so we didn't want to worry about traffic and parking. His school is right downtown. It was fun! He is happy and everything seems to be going well! Thanks for asking :-)
hedgehog1965 (10/5/2021) 
It can be difficult not to worry, but they seem to get on fine!
nheiges (10/5/2021) 
They do, thank goodness :-)
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