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An easel. The easel is [Wood]. The foot of the easel is black. A [Dreams] canvas is -0.83 feet in front of and 2.39 feet in the easel. The [Dreams] canvas is 3 feet deep and 4 feet wide. The [Dreams] canvas is leaning 80 degrees to the front. It is noon. Camera light is white. [beach] backdrop. Ground is invisible.
##HD #Process #Painting #Beach 
Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast
coyne (11/5/2021) 
very Magritte-like
hedgehog1965 (11/5/2021) 
Was just thinking the same. Nice combination of images.
nheiges (11/7/2021) 
very nice!
Nanook (11/7/2021) 
Ditto what they said and btw it's been awhile I was just thinking about you a week or so ago. Nice to see you back on the scene :-)
GabrielJack (11/13/2021) 
@Nanook I come back from time to time, to look at the gallery and see what everyone is making, but I don't always have inspiration to make something, and most of what I make, I end up deleting.
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