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Climate Change ??

Input text: 
a 5 feet tall polar bear is -4.2 feet above the ground. it faces right. it leans back. a caribou is 3.5 feet right of the bear. it faces right. it leans 12 degrees to the back. the ground is water. the ground is 14 feet tall. a 4 feet tall water wave is -1 feet in front of and -6.9 feet above and -38 feet in front of the bear. it faces right. ambient light is granite gray. camera light is lead gray. sun is coral. a tiny orange light is on the caribou
Sharpen, Talk Balloon
KAWE (11/30/2021) 
watcher570 (11/30/2021) 
very sad :-(
nheiges (11/30/2021) 
Apex Predator

Wow, that's really interesting. And alarming.
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