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The clairvoyant

Input text: 
a shiny [to] is 4000 feet is igloo blue.a 3 inch tall and 200 inch wide and 200 inch deep igloo blue disk.a 100 inch tall clear sphere is -50 inch above the disk.six igloo blue lights are -50 inch above the sphere.sun is igloo blue.a 70 inch tall shiny monk is -90 inch above the sphere.four igloo blue lights are 20 inch above the monk.a 50 inch tall igloo blue candle is on the disk.the candle is -40 inch right of the disk.a 1st 50 inch tall silver sign is 15 inch above the sphere.the 1st sign is -80 inch left of the disk.the 1st sign is facing southeast.a 40 inch tall card is 10 inch right of the disk.the card leans 80 degrees to back.the card is -20 inch above the disk.a 2nd 50 inch tall silver sign is 10 inch right of the 1st sign.the 2nd sign is -20 inch above the sphere.a 100 inch tall clear date palm is -40 inch right of the card.the date palm is facing west.a 10 inch tall igloo blue spider is left of the card.
Saturation, Sharpen, Sharpen, Saturation
nheiges (12/8/2021) 
this is such an interesting scene
coyne (12/15/2021) 
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