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Corona makes you lonely

Input text: 
a 1000 inch wide and 700 inch tall black flat wall.a 350 inch tall and 550 inch wide and 200 inch deep gray window is -10 inch in front of the wall.sun is black.a 300 inch tall gray flat shiny man is in front of the window.backdrop is is black.the man is facing north.the shoe of the man is gray.the head of hair of the man is black.the human head of the man is black.the chair of the man is 50% dim gray.
Cracked paint, Sharpen, Brightness, Brightness, Contrast
coyne (3days) 
@kawe, I hope you're feeling okay!
Nanook (3days) 
Oh I feel bad, did I miss something here. I second @coyne's hope.
nheiges (2days) 
I've been thinking about you @KAWE - my "Wo bist du?" picture was for you. Hope you are well!
KAWE (2days) 
thanks, yes I feel well
nheiges (2days) 
I'm glad to hear it!
Nanook (2days) 
That's good news !
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