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A Sign of the Times

Input text: 
a store. a 5.5 feet tall black easel is -12 feet in front of and -13 feet left of the store. it faces southwest. a .75 feet tall dull red cooking pot is -3.9 feet above the easel. a 3 feet tall and 1 inch wide and 1 inch deep chain is above the cooking pot. a elf is right of the easel. the elf faces southeast. the pants of the elf are red. the shirt of the elf is green. a silver bell is -3 inch above and -8 inch left of and -12 inch in front of the elf. the handle of the bell is black. the bell leans 100 degrees to the back. it faces southwest. a teenager is 3.9 feet right of and behind the elf. the teenager faces back. backdrop is department store. a wreath is 3.8 feet above and -.5 feet left of the teenager. a santa is 6 feet behind and 2 feet left of the elf. the santa faces the teenager. light is right of and 2 inch above santa.
Brightness, Canvas texture, Sharpen
Scene credits:
nheiges (12/24/2021) 
Wow, this is so well done!
Nanook (12/24/2021) 
Thank you, I wanted to do more but everything I tried either shifted the whole scene or the dimensions would change soooo, I decided to go with what I had, I wanted to have a 'Help Wanted' sign in the window. Oh well, I was ok with it still. :-)
nheiges (12/24/2021) 
I tried making a "Help Wanted" sign with the textbox effect, but it didn't work well. It is still a great scene!
Nanook (12/25/2021) 
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :-)
KAWE (12/25/2021) 
coyne (12/27/2021) 
Great scene!
Nanook (12/28/2021) 
Thanks :-)
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