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Winter Wonderlights
visited a beautiful light display at the botanical gardens tonight!

Input text: 
it is night. 3d ground is visible. a light is in front of and 10 feet above a shiny solid blue christmas tree. a shiny solid yellow christmas tree is 1 foot right of and 1 foot in front of the tree. a shiny solid fuschia christmas tree is 3 feet left of the tree. a shiny solid tangerine christmas tree is 1 foot behind and left of the tree. ground is dark green. 6 shiny dark green bushes are behind the trees. a small man is right of the fuschia tree. he faces back. a small woman is right of the man. she faces right. a small child is in front of and right of the woman. the child faces right. a small girl is in front of the tangerine tree. she faces back. a 2nd small woman is in front of and left of the girl. she faces back.
Sharpen, Saturation, Saturation
Nanook (12/27/2021) 
a truly wonderful place :-)
hedgehog1965 (12/27/2021) 

Nice scene. We saw some last year…
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