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At the Jurassic Open

Input text: 
a 2 foot tall t-rex is on a 1st big ping pong table. the t-rex is facing left. a 2 foot tall dinosaur is facing right. it is 6 feet left of the t-rex. a 1st small tennis racket faces right. it leans 30 degrees to the right. it is -.3 feet right of and -1.5 foot above and -.9 feet in front of the dinosaur. a 2nd small tennis racket faces left. it leans 48 degrees to the right. it is -1.35 foot above and -.75 feet left of and -.6 feet behind the t-rex. a 2nd big ping pong table is 1 foot left of the table. a 3rd big ping pong table is 1 foot in front of the table. a 4th big ping pong table is 1 foot right of the table. a 40 foot wide and 40 foot deep floor is -1.3 feet above the tables. a yellow tennis ball is 2 feet right of and .5 feet above the 1st racket. a stadium is -2.75 feet above the tables. 2 linen lights are 20 feet above the t-rex. ambient light is dim. camera light is dim.
Nanook (1/11/2022) 
nheiges (1/11/2022) 
Thanks :-)
mohapn15 (1/13/2022) 
Wonderful! Is Djokovic allowed to play?
nheiges (1/13/2022) 
I'm afraid not :-)
hedgehog1965 (1/14/2022) 
coyne (7days) 
nice one! :-)
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