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at the centre of it all

Input text: 
a swing. swing's cushion is wisteria violet. 2.5 foot tall cat is 2 foot in swing's cushion and -3 foot to right. cat faces southwest. 1.2 foot tall shiny [texture] sphere is -0.55 foot left of cat. sphere is 2.15 foot in swing's cushion. small first blug is 15 foot behind swing and 12 foot to left. blug is 6 foot in ground. tiny cube is 1 foot in front of blug and 1.5 foot to right. blug faces cube. small blurg is 17 foot behind swing and -2 foot to right. blurg is 6 foot in ground. tiny second cube is 1 foot in front of blurg and -2 foot to left. blurg faces cube. 4.5 foot wide circle is -5 foot in front of swing. circle is 5 foot wide 25% reflective [jij]. ground is 5% reflective 10 foot wide [texture]. sun is black. camera light is black. dawn rose light is 2 foot in front of swing and 3 foot above ground. light faces swing. lagoon turquoise light is 2 foot left of cat and -0.5 foot in front of cat. light faces swing. bordeaux wine mauve light is 3 foot behind swing and 3 foot above ground. light faces swing. 12 foot wide and 6.5 foot tall silver picture frame is 2.5 foot right of blug and 0.1 inch in ground. picture frame leans 5 degrees to front. picture frame faces swing. picture frame's frame is 0% reflective [texture]. dim hot pink light is in front of cat. light is 1 foot in cat. petrel is -1.5 foot in blug and -2 foot to front. pale petrel is 3.5 foot to right. petrel faces northeast. petrel leans 40 degrees to back. 13 foot tall flat black tree is 20 foot behind picture frame and 5 foot to right. tree faces back. shiny 2 foot tall lime green urn is -1 foot behind swing and 3 foot to left. 1.5 foot wide paint palette is -2 inch in front of urn and -10 inch to left. paint palette faces down. paint palette leans 32 degrees to back. paint palette's board is white. huge shiny baby blue shell is -0.5 foot right of swing and 2 foot behind swing. 1.4 foot wide shiny black compound object is -1 inch in front of urn and -2 inch to right.
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KAWE (2/9/2022) 
coyne (2/9/2022) 
very nice!
nheiges (2/9/2022) 
Nanook (2/10/2022) 
It's great to see your work in the gallery again. You have a very engaging style :-)
hedgehog1965 (2/10/2022) 
Well thought out scene, nice visuals
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