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Celebrating A Special Day
Hope your day is a wonder-filled day

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a large watering can. a cat is .22 feet right of and -1.2 feet behind the watering can. it faces southwest. a .2 feet tall ladybug is -.4 feet above and -.87 feet behind the watering can. it faces back. it leans 28 degrees to the back. 1st blossom is -1.2 feet above and -1.1 feet in front of the watering can. it leans 30 degrees to the southeast. it faces southeast. the body of the watering can is [metal]. a .32 feet tall [texture] butterfly is -.2 feet left of and .1 feet above the cat. the butterfly faces northwest. it leans 35 degrees to the back. a .25 feet tall bee is behind and above the cat. the bee faces southwest. it leans back. 2nd blossom is -.68 feet above and -.6 feet left of the bee. the blossom leans 50 degrees to the right. a food tray is .95 feet behind and -.86 feet right of the watering can. a 1.6 feet tall lion is -.2 feet left of the watering can. the lion faces southeast. a pink light is on the ladybug. camera light is dim. a plum light is 3 feet in front of the cat. ambient light is sage green. the sun's azimuth is 200 degrees. sun's altitude is 60 degrees. sun is heather lilac
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nheiges (4/23/2022) 
What a lovely birthday card!! Hope your sister has a happy day!
KAWE (4/23/2022) 
Nanook (4/23/2022) 
thanks, I just got a text from her had to send it again, it went to spam haha. she is :-)
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