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Shiny flower ground. A huge pink tree. Sun is navy. Camera light is black. 3 dim red lights are 130 feet right of and 150 feet above the tree. 2 lemon lights are in front of and above the tree. A huge shiny woman is -85 feet above and 550 feet in front of and -25 feet left of the tree. A huge dog is left of the woman. An enormous shiny spaceship is 100 feet above the tree. It leans left.
Brightness, Saturation, Illustration
nheiges (4/24/2022) 
WOW! This is so good.
Nanook (4/24/2022) 
love the lighting, sooo good!
KAWE (4/25/2022) 
coyne (4/27/2022) 
hedgehog1965 (4/30/2022) 
Thanks all!
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