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The Story of My Lunch

Input text: 
a dog faces left. a 2 foot tall table is -.5 feet left of the dog. a sandwich faces left. it leans 37 degrees to the front. the sandwich is on the table. it is -.5 feet left of the dog. a plate is -.3 foot left of the sandwich.
Nanook (5/3/2022) 
Ruh row. Did this really happen?
nheiges (5/3/2022) 
Well, I was in the process of making a sandwich and she grabbed the bread. I turned my back for 3 seconds!
Nanook (5/3/2022) 
Sorry, that image makes me laugh though :-D
nheiges (5/3/2022) 
It was her lucky day :-)
hedgehog1965 (5/6/2022) 
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