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Somewhere on Zillow
Someone was selling a house with a throne room and suits of armor

Input text: 
a white plant stand is in front of and 1 foot left of a door. a 2 foot tall and 2.5 foot wide and .01 foot deep shiny [sky] cube is behind and -2.1 feet above the door. it is noon. sun is ghost white. a 1st 10 foot tall [texture] wall is on the ground. it is behind the cube. ground is invisible. a 2nd 10 foot tall gray wall faces right. it is 1 feet left of the plant stand. a tile floor is -.1 foot in front of the 1st wall. camera light is black. a big plant is on the plant stand. a 3.5 foot wide dark maroon rug is -.2 feet in front of the door.it is above the floor. a knight is 1 foot right of the rug. a tiny linen light is 6 feet in front of and 15 feet right of and above the plant.
Contrast, Sharpen, Brightness
Nanook (5/4/2022) 
people are a curious lot and I suppose their homes reflect that :-DD
nheiges (5/4/2022) 
There is an Instagram/Facebook account called Zillow Gone Wild that collects the most interesting listings - here's a few:
hedgehog1965 (5/6/2022) 
Not sure about Zillow; I'll be looking here next time we move: https://www.birdspot.co.uk/garden-wildlife/buy-hedgehog-houses
hedgehog1965 (5/6/2022) 
My Zillow Stair Fetish House

And here's the one we're selling...
nheiges (5/7/2022) 
Looks like an excellent strategy for the current housing market!
Nanook (5/7/2022) 
I find the Igloo Hedgehog house quite appealing though I can't say why for sure :-DDD
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