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A Grand Day Out

Input text: 
Architecture backdrop is 90% dark. An 80% dark house. Azimuth of the sun is 350 degrees. Camera light is black. Sun is violet. Shadow plane is pale. Altitude of the sun is 47 degrees. A large statue is 20 feet right of the house. A large statue is 5 feet right of and behind the statue. A navy light is 20 feet in front of and 40 feet right of the statue. A 50% dark 20% shiny balloon is 10 feet above and 20 feet in front of and -28 feet right of the statue. A man is -36 feet above the balloon. He is facing north. An 85% dark giraffe is -5 feet right of and 20 feet in front of the statue. A 70% dark lemon car is in front of the house. It faces southwest. A malachite green light is above and 40 feet in front of the balloon. Ambient light is beige. A woman is 8 feet in front of and 12 feet left of the statue. She faces east.
Saturation, Sharpen, Mottled, Color-emboss
💰woman statue
Nanook (5/7/2022) 
very cool visual :-)
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