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Back From Mother's Day Vacation
Left due to an impending hail storm according to Mr. Nanook but many are missing and feared dead.

Input text: 
a [feeder] backdrop. 1st hummingbird faces right. it leans 10 degrees to the front. a 1.5 inch tall duffel bag is 1 inch tall [skin]. it is -.36 feet above and -.266 feet right of the hummingbird. it faces left. 2nd tiny hummingbird is above and behind the 1st hummingbird. it faces southwest. a small hummingbird is behind and 1.7 inch right of and -.38 feet above the 1st hummingbird. it faces southwest. it leans 45 degrees to the front. camera light is 80% shell pink gray. a 4 feet tall and .7 feet wide tube is 3 feet above and 2 feet right of and .6 feet behind the 2nd hummingbird. it leans 30 degrees to the left. a lemon yellow light is -1.5 feet above the tube.
##HD #storm 
Scene credits:
Coming Home (Scene)
nheiges (5/8/2022) 
Love the scene! But the story is sad.
Nanook (5/8/2022) 
Yes, we had upwards of 60+ hummers, sadly the numbers are greatly diminished. I hold out hope they will somehow come back.
KAWE (5/9/2022) 
Oh how sad!
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