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sea burial

Input text: 
Ground is 20 foot wide 35% reflective water. Sun is elephant gray. Camera light is old gold. Sailboat is 25 feet to back and 5 foot in ground. Sailboat's sail is powder blue. Sailboat faces southeast. Sailboat leans 12 degrees to back. 1 foot tall cube is 40 foot in sailboat. 40 foot long 35% reflective pearl gray chain is -2 foot in cube and 5 foot southeast of cube. Chain faces southeast. Chain leans 12 degrees to back. 5 foot wide shiny black sphere is 4 foot left of sailboat and 2 foot in ground. 5 foot tall lisianthus is 1 foot in sphere and -1.5 foot to left. lisianthus leans 15 degrees to right. 10 foot wide 15% reflective gray green wreath is 4.5 foot in sphere. wreath leans 10 degrees to back. 90 foot tall wave is 250 foot behind sailboat and 40 feet to left. wave is 30 foot wide [texture]. 50 foot tall white rock is 240 foot behind sailboat and 10 feet to right. 12 foot wide white sand martin is 5 foot behind sailboat and 4 foot to right. sand martin is 20 feet above ground. sand martin leans 15 degrees to front. huge first gold rope is 1 inch in front of sand martin and 9.5 foot in sand martin. rope is -6.5 foot to right. rope leans 5 degrees to back. second 50 foot long gold rope is 20 foot above sphere. rope faces down. rope faces southeast. third 50 foot long gold rope is 20 foot above sphere and 19.3 foot to right. rope faces down. rope faces northwest. lilac light is 20 foot southeast of sailboat. light faces sailboat. autumn gold light is 5 foot above sphere. light faces sailboat.
KAWE (6/4/2022) 
nheiges (6/4/2022) 
this is great! good to see you again!
Nanook (6/11/2022) 
I love your compositions :-)
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