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Unfinished Lives

Input text: 
a 12 feet tall drop. a large green tennis shoe is -9 feet above the drop. the sole of the tennis shoe is white. a celery green light is above the tennis shoe. the ground is upside down. ambient light is delft blue. ground is horizon blue. a baseball bat is -1.5 feet left of the tennis shoe. it leans 65 degrees to the left. it faces northeast. a baseball is -7 inch above and right of the tennis shoe. a light is right of the baseball. a easel is behind the tennis shoe. a painting is -3 feet above and -8 inch in front of the easel. it leans 14 degrees to the back. the display screen of the painting is [wing]. a gold light is 3 inch in front of and -2 inch above the painting. a bible is 2 inch behind and -1 inch right of the baseball. it leans to the front. a small lotus is 7 inch left of the easel. a tiny turtle is -13 inch above the lotus. it leans to the southeast. a orange light is 1 inch above the turtle. a 1.5 inch tall green heart is -4.5 inch left of and -6.4 inch above and .4 inch in front of the tennis shoe. a glove is -7 inch left of and behind the bible. it leans to the southeast. a palette is in front of the lotus. sun is black. a 1 feet tall angel is -6 feet above and -2.5 feet right of and -.5 feet in front of the drop. the angel faces northwest. it leans to the front. the wing of the angel is shiny gold. a copper light is on the angel. the robe of the angel is forget me not blue. a lemon light is 7 inch in front of and -6 inch above the easel.
##HD #uvaldestrong 
Brightness, Cracked paint, Sharpen, Cracked paint
Other object credits:
Nanook (6/12/2022) 
We start by giving Alithia the chance to be spoiled by her dad.

We start by giving Maite a chance to become a marine biologist.

We start by giving Ellie a chance to read her Bible verse at the Wednesday night service.

We start by giving Irma and Joe a chance to finish painting their house, maybe retire and get that food truck.

We start by giving Makenna, Layla, Maranda, Nevaeh, Jose, Xavier, Tess, Rojelio, Eliahna, Annabell, Jackie, Uziyah, Jayce, Jailah, Eva, Amerie, and Lexi — we start by giving all of them our promise that their dreams are not going to be forgotten.
nheiges (6/14/2022) 
just heartbreaking
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