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Dance The Night Away

Input text: 
a man leans 45 degrees to the back. he faces right. he is on the ground. the sweatshirt of the man is gem stone. a marble is 1.5 feet in front of the man. a woman is -3.4 feet right of and -5.6 feet above the man. she leans 16 degrees to the northwest. she faces southeast. the shirt of the woman is [texture]. the shoe of the woman is silver. the head of hair of the woman is white. backdrop is ballroom. camera light is dim. a table is 5 feet behind and 1.5 feet left of the man. the leg of the table is metal. a martini is -.8 feet left of and on the table. a chair is behind and -1.05 feet right of the table. it faces the woman. 1st bar stool is 18 feet behind and -2.8 feet left of the man. it faces southeast. a 3 feet tall bar table is right of and -3.2 feet above the bar stool. 2nd bar stool is 1.3 feet right of the 1st bar stool. a .7 feet tall beer is -.3 feet right of and on the bar table.
Posterize, Brightness, Sharpen
Scene credits:
KAWE (7/1/2022) 
nheiges (7/1/2022) 
This is a fun scene - great movement!
Nanook (7/1/2022) 
:-) thanks :-)
hedgehog1965 (7/3/2022) 
Nice positioning
Nanook (7/3/2022) 
Thanks :-)
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