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Captain Communist vs. The Americow
The battle of the century! Rocky Bullboa, the Capitalist Creation, takes on the Soviet Union's shiniest combatant!

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The cow is white. The cow's head is blue. The cow's body is american flag. The cow's neck is red. The 4 foot tall swimmer is next to the cow. The swimmer is facing the cow. The cow is facing the swimmer. The cow is two feet away from the swimmer. The sky is a texture. The swimmer is soviet. The fence is 3 feet in front of the cow. There is another fence next to the fence. There is a very small wall next to the swimmer. The wall is facing the swimmer. The wall is a texture. The ground is a wood texture. The swimmer is on a mat. The cow is on the mat. The yellow illuminator is 2 feet above the cow. The white illuminator is dim. The green illuminator is 3 feet from the yellow illuminator. The cyan illuminator is 3 feet from the yellow illuminator and 6 feet from the green illuminator.
coyne  (legacy) 
Great picture!
jonmerrin  (legacy) 
master 0f doom  (legacy) 
this picture is the coolest USA
Zamchick  (legacy) 
A haunch Republican!
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