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hotter 'n' hell

Input text: 
a pottery brown polar bear is on the ground. sun is curry yellow. camera light is dim. 1st large clear mimosa yellow flame is -3 feet right of the polar bear. 2nd large clear yellow flame is -3 feet left of the polar bear. a coral light is on the 1st flame. a tangerine light is on the 2nd flame. sun's azimuth is 120 degrees. Sun's altitude is 48 degrees. a mango orange light is 2 feet left of and 3 feet above the polar bear. backdrop is [heat]. ambient light is lemon
Contrast, Sharpen
Nanook (7/22/2022) 
How many more are eligible for the Record Setters Club? Join in ;-D (the image is from 2020 but it might just as well be from this year ;-Z)
nheiges (7/22/2022) 
I know it's miserable. I'm sorry :-(
Nanook (7/22/2022) 
thanks, how are you doing is your neighborhood? We are dealing with it, I worry about the people who have no way to adequately cool off.
nheiges (7/23/2022) 
Here, the temps aren't getting so dangerously high, but it still has to be hell for our un-housed or un-air conditioned neighbors :-( The humidity is intense a lot of the time too.
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