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A shiny marble bird is on a shiny black table. Black backdrop. A 30% dark shiny purple curtain is left of the table. A small basket is -4 inch behind and right of the bird. A small gun is 2 inch right of and -3 inch in front of the bird. It faces southeast. It leans 90 degrees to the left. A small bread is right of and -10 inch behind the basket. Camera light is brown. A lemon light is 2 feet right of and above the curtain. A navy light is 8 feet right of and in front of the table. A clear wall is left of and behind the curtain. A man is behind the curtain. Sun is silver.
Nanook (7/29/2022) 
This scene, image, leaves a lot to the imagined intent. I can think of a couple of scenarios. Either way, the fact that it is thought provoking says a great deal for me. Perhaps we all need to be provoked a bit more often. Great scene!
nheiges (7/30/2022) 
That gun on the table - didn't notice that at first glance! I agree with Nanook, a very interesting scene!
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