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The Mescaline Collector
Last night I dreamt of San Pedro

Input text: 
Psychedelic backdrop. A small cactus is in a huge clear black sheet. A 20% shiny boat is 3 feet right of the cactus. A man sits in the boat. Camera light is black. 4 pink lights are left of and above the cactus. 2 dim navy lights are 20 feet right of the boat. A huge fly is above and left of the man. It faces southwest.
113 (Created on: IOS)
Nanook (8/21/2022) 
are you sure you just dreamed it? :-DD great image :-)
hedgehog1965 (8/23/2022) 
Thanks. No comment ;-)
nheiges (8/30/2022) 
Did Madonna make an appearance?
hedgehog1965 (9/3/2022) 
When I read about the cactus it did make me wonder if the lyrics meant anything more :-)
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