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Bethlehem Shopper's Emporium

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the basket is on the grass table. the table is 10 feet wide. the very large baby is inside the basket. the baby is facing up. the baby is facing right. the small donkey is to the right of the baby. the donkey is facing the baby. the tiny horse is to the left of the baby. the horse is facing the baby. the large pink pig is 6 inches behind the baby. the row of three orange crowns is 5 inches in front of the basket. the ground is dirt. it is night. the purple illuminator is inside the basket. the rainbow illuminator is 3 feet above the baby.
rws (legacy) 
Hmm okay, except I don't think the Jews would have raised pigs...
Zamchick (legacy) 
good point! But Jewish merchants are savvy marketers. I had a girlfriend
whose father made a lot of money on Christmas ornaments.
rws (legacy) 
how mercenary :)
coyne (legacy) 
nice lights
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