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Office Romance

Input text: 
a man is in front of the woman. the man is facing the woman. a desk is behind the woman. a phone is on the desk. the man is unreflective. the woman is unreflective. a wall is behind the desk. a second wall is left of the man. the second wall is facing the man. the ground is carpet. a chair is in front of the man. a lamp is on the desk. an illuminator is in the lamp. the second wall is unreflective. the wall is unreflective.
Zamchick (legacy) 
great! I love the sense of claustrophobia!
technicat (legacy) 
Shades of Office Space - I should have put a stapler and TPS reports on the desk.
Zamchick (legacy) 
it's also a bit steamy
technicat (legacy) 
Body Heat - in a cubicle
kenes (legacy) 
Shimi hashiilba moti hahu hinasulbe?
alex_old (legacy) 

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