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The aliens capture a member of the dominant (i.e. tallest) species!

Input text: 
It is night. The flying saucer is 10 feet above the ground. The dome of the flying saucer is yellow. The ground is grass. The white light is 20 feet above the flying saucer. The tiny giraffe is on the ground. It has a giraffe image. The giraffe is facing west. The small yellow light is 5 feet above the giraffe. The small yellow light is 2 feet right of the giraffe. The tiny white ash tree is next to the giraffe. The tiny cherry tree is behind the giraffe. The tiny weeping willow tree is behind the giraffe. The huge cone is 2 inches above the giraffe. It is 84 inches tall. It is 3 feet wide. The huge cone is image-5245. The dark orange light is 2 feet left of the giraffe.
#ufo #giraffe #abduction #scifi 
Contrast, Contrast
zamchick (legacy) 
Wow. Now you are an early WordsEye abductor!
technicat (legacy) 
Very nice for a first scene!
Malveka (legacy) 
Thanks guys! I'm really enjoying myself. 8^)
leon (legacy) 
love it!
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