Nice Ass

Input text: 
A gray donkey is on the ground. There is a tan donkey 1 foot to the right of the gray donkey. There is a [texture] donkey 1 foot to the left of the gray donkey. There is a brown donkey 1 foot to the left of the [texture] donkey. There is a white donkey 1 foot to the left of the brown donkey. The ground is white grass. The sky is cloudy. A bird is above the gray donkey.
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zamchick  (2014) 
it's been quite a week for butts :-)
zamchick  (2014) 
and there is always this old favorite:
zamchick  (2014) 
(you can add a link to a comment using openbracket url closebracket ---link--- and at the end openbracket /url closebracket (I can't use the real brackets or it will try to make it a link :-)
coyne  (2014) 
RIght, to add a url into a comment, just enter something like this, substituting any link between the URL tags:
choffmannyc  (2014) 
I was playing with repetition here. Is there an easier way ?
coyne  (2014) 
I can't think of anyway to do it more easily the way things work now. I think you'd want to be able to say something like "the donkeys are in a row. They are 1 foot apart from each other. The first donkey is gray. the second donkey is tan…." That'll probably be possible a little bit down the road.