The Spectacular
with 40 horses and a humongous Christmas lollipop!

Input text: there are 30 horses. the huge shiny [christmas] stage is 10 feet behind the horses. the ground is shiny and black. the red light is above the horses. the blue light is 2 feet to the right of the red light. the very large sled is 2 feet above the horses. it is facing right. the santa is on the sled. Santa is facing right. it is cloudy. the humongous [christmas] lollipop is 3 feet to the left of the sled. the huge tree is 5 feet to the left of the lollipop. it is on the ground.
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coyne  (2014) 
wow, i'm amazed it works with so many horses! give a user an inch and he'll take a mile. :-)
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