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there is a woman with a blue umbrella. the umbrella is on the woman's right hand. there is a hat on the woman. the woman is on a glassy mountain range. there is a rainbow tiger 3 feet behind the woman. the tiger is tilting backward. there is a large moon 3 feet above the woman. the moon is facing right. there is a snowman 3 feet to the right of the tiger. it is sunrise. it is cloudy. add text "COLD". "COLD" is 5 feet behind the snowman. "COLD" is large.
Brightness, Color-emboss
zamchick (legacy) 
Cool picture, Shazam! Note that words in quotes can be treated just like any other object eg. "The "cold" is 5 feet behind the snowman." is all that is needed. Glad to see you using "facing" and "tilting". Currently "Glassy" or "Shiny" on the mountain range surface is not doing what is expected, but that's on the list.
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