Kunduz, Afganistan July 7, 2015 -- Witnesses report a sighting on the western edge of the Kandahari plain. 40-50 Pachyderms were "cleansed" by a gold tusk mounted vehicle. Authorities are investigating.

Input text: the gold structure is on the shiny klee mountain range. the elephant is a few feet to the left of the structure. it is facing the structure. it is cloudy. the [color] ground is shiny. the black alien is under the structure. it is facing the elephant. two small elephants are 9 feet to the left of the elephant. they are facing right. the red elephant is a foot above the alien.
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coyne  (2015) 
daniel  (2015) 
What 2D effect is this?
zamchick  (2015) 
It's called newsprint (BC made it).
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