Snow Globe

Input text: There is a 15 feet tall transparent sphere. There is a cylinder 2 feet under the sphere. There is a very small light orange house 6 feet above the cylinder. There is 6 feet tall and 12 feet wide shiny wood cylinder 0.001 feet under the house. The ground is enormous fabric. The white light 2 feet on the right of house. The white light 1 feet in front 2 feet above the house. There is 2 tiny spruces on the right of the house. There is 3 tiny spruces on the left of the house.
Tags:  ##HD  #snow  #globe  #house 
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zamchick  (2015) 
very cool!
daniel  (2015) 
Amazing. I love how the sphere warps the house.
coyne  (2015) 
wow- that's beautiful!
flip  (2015) 
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