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catch and release
sometimes not really release..

Input text: 
the ground is shiny water. there is a sand island. it is noon. there is a 6 foot tall teal dolphin on the island. there is a teal computer -1.5 feet above the dolphin. the computer is -1.3 feet in front of the dolphin. it is -2.2 feet to the right of the dolphin. there are 3 aliens 10 feet to the right of the dolphin. they are facing the dolphin. there is a 20 foot tall 10 foot wide 10 foot deep transparent pyramid to the left of the aliens. it is leaning 90 degrees to the left.
##HD #ayylmao 
zamchick (legacy) 
cool computer/dolphin transplant and prism!
zamchick (legacy) 
The Beginning
the hunters become the hunted

x_v (legacy) 
thank you zamchick, i really like this one
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