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dealing dolphin

Input text: 
the background is image-7907.the big thin cigar is -6 inch in front of the mouth of the brown shiny dolphin.the dolphin. the cigar is leaning 20 degrees to the left. a bright light is 4 feet above the dolphin.the image-7907 wall is behind the dolphin . its morning. the ground is shiny water.the huge fedora is -1 inch above the body of the dolphin. it is -75 inches behind the body of the dolphin.the huge optical device is -22 inch in front of the eye of the dolphin. the lens of the optical device is shiny black.the frame of the optical device is red.there is 1 small stack to the left of the dolphin. the newspaper of the stack is [weed] texture.the ambient-light. the band of the cigar is light green.there is 4 small mushrooms on top of the stack.
boneybird (legacy) 
lol. he's bad
zamchick (legacy) 
fear and loathing :-)
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