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The giant shiny laptop is 4 inch above the ground. The small pink dolphin is -55 inch in front of the laptop. The dolphin is 9 inch above the ground. The ground is transparent. The screen of the laptop is water. The big gray shiny orb is 10 inch on the right side of the laptop. The orb is 20 inch above the ground. A bright light is on the right of the orb. The giant cyan dolphin is facing the pink dolphin. The cyan dolphin is 5 feet in front of the pink dolphin. The camera-light is bright pink.
Hue, Solarize, Invert
zamchick (2015) 
great image, cool reflection!
daniel (2015) 
which 2D effect did you apply to this?
YungFuccboi (2015) 
I inverted it and added the solarize effect afterwards.
x_v (2015) 
this one is really remarkable.. the colors work well together. great job
WordsEye (2015) 
cool. we should make inverted/solarized into a combo effect
charlesphillips (2015) 
The reflection in the sphere is super cool. nice job!
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