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I really really really really like this image.
cant stop thining about dolphins.

Input text: 
a giant shiny fetus is on the small glass chair. the small glass chair is facing the small table. the small glass chair is 4 inches south of the table. computer on the small table. computer is facing the shiny fetus. the giant transparent pyramid is 18 inches in the computer. the small transparent dolphin is 30 inches in the pyramid. it is noon. there is one transparent tiny tree 47 inch west of the shiny fetus. the transparent tree is 10 inch in the transparent vase. A huge purple light is above computer. it is bright day. the giant glass dolphin is facing east. the giant glass cylinder 10 feet north of the tree. the giant transparent sphere is 18 inches in the cylinder. the ground is glass. the giant glass dolphin 40 feet north of the table.
WordsEye (legacy) 
cool! Interesting sheathing on the giant dolphin. a lot of light dancing around in the renderer.
daniel (legacy) 
world of glass.
YungFuccboi (legacy) 
I really really really really like this too.
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