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A 2 feet tall head is on a huge river. A purple and shiny cat is 2 foot right of the head. They are one foot apart. The cat is facing the head. A golden cat is 2 foot left of the head. The cat is shiny. The cat is facing the head. The cat is 3 feet tall. A green light is one foot above the head. A green light is 2 inches in front of the head. A big plant is 8 feet in the ground. It is 2 feet left of the purple cat. A enormous shiny ball is 8 feet behind the head. A golden light is in front of the head. A 20 feet tall hand is 10 feet behind the purple cat. The hand is yellow.
daniel (2015) 
I love the light in this. Awesome reflection too.
AB8 (2015) 
thank you daniel !
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